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Long rainbow is umbriferous the case of beer square project of project case

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As the drawing near of Olympic Games opening date, the Li Zong of square of 5 beneficial beer begins continous this world how is the consideration broad sports fan to offer outdoors the environment that watchs the game, attract fan to consume especially group join, the guest discharge that brings stability with respect to the beer square that can manage for oneself and considerable wine water, cold food kind consumption.

The person that sees a ball likes a picture to had been jumped over greatly more, if use 103 inches plasma, only station investment will be as high as tens of 10 thousand yuan, and problem of guard against theft is solved very hard, the thing that bottle throws after fan wine happens extremely possibly also, hear present before pitch a technology very advanced already and low-cost, so Li Zong decides the put into production before buying is tasted.

Graphic case

Square of 5 beneficial beer introduces continous this world headroom hoisting and nacelle of guard against theft, prevent by pilfer; Every machine was made prevent awning, can prevent rain already, can prevent burning sun to explode again bask in and dirt.

The day still is done not have black, the guest has begun in succession, if because the earthquake just passed,not be, be afraid fast capacity audience, can foreknow during the Olympic Games the business is certain very hot!

100 inches picture outdoors also appears not quite big, not bad interval is not far have, this not, tian Gang is black switched on the mobile phone.

Signal source plan

To assure hookup result, spot laid appropriative is wired and fiber-optic trunk, after carrying box decipher on the head through digital machine, from AV port is outputted, among them frequency signal sends acoustics equipment directly, video line uses mike screen line to make, join inputs port to projector AV, issue signal attenuation in order to make sure Sunday run is transmitted small, place of a confusion of voices is little.

Investment and redound

Before the earthquake the beer division by April kicks off that day, square of 5 beneficial beer is divided send out did not undertake any advertisement are thrown outside the handbill, that evening 100 desks are all the client explodes full, only snowflake beer with respect to work off many 300; And the square of beer of old tea tree of the practice that be the same as a day set off 50000 yuan firework, its do business the square of 5 beneficial beer of the effect and Li Zong comparatives; Lizong is certain: Old tea tree puts firework impossibly in the evening every day, and the person that oneself beer square knows will be increasing, those fan are met of course ground comes to oneself here consumption, because he had had his competitive advantage.

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