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Tower machine and cable crane conceive railroad in change 3 black Jiang Daqiao c

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1 project general situation
Change bosom railroad is the country is carried out western one of major project of big development, it arranges the Yangtse River from Chongqing and fall, to Fu hill hind is refluent and go up, along two sides abrupt cliff enters black river gorge, it is respectively below county of water of town of yellow grass of county of grand of Fu hill outskirts of a city, fierce, Peng pond mouth countryside spans 3 times Wu Jiang, thereby in our country railroad the first time on construction history is on Wu Jiang formed 3 pier to all exceed 70 meters tall tall mound to cross railroad bridge greatly. Big bridge advocate crossing is respectively 128 meters, 168 meters, 128 meters, all be successive steel structure of prestressing force Tong special bridge.
Because situation of hill of black river two sides is abrupt, traffic carries difficulty, water level drop is big, flow is rapid, site of big bridge construction is narrow, construction place requires equipment of all sorts of goods and materials and material amount content of science and technology of construction of tremendous, big bridge is advanced reason, big bridge of 3 black river all is built by Yu Huaitie road ministry of commander in chief includes major project.
What what a large number of all sorts of goods and materials, equipment require in how solving big bridge construction is perpendicular carry a problem with the level (this is the first issue that is placed before construction unit, also be to let technical personnel and equipment administrator be worth a task of serious research.

The comparison of 2 plan and affirmatory
To general bridge construction, choosing perpendicular when be being carried with the level, often use the different form such as machine of dragon mast, automobile crane, cable crane, tower, pontoon, pontoon, scaffold. In be applied actually, automobile crane is very inaccessible the requirement of load-lifting height, and get road and place easily conditional limitation; Pontoon, pontoon can get water level, velocity of flow, channel is a lot of the influence of the element, dragon mast, scaffold is competent hard to a large amount of goods and materials. Which kind of means meet those who be made estate requirement by all sorts of construction to restrict, ask very hard in the technology and satisfactory result can be achieved on economic interest.
Because be an unit construction together, we are integrated all sorts of advantageous with adverse condition, through serious analysis, research, undertook bold improvement to devising plan formerly, in make choice of of big bridge of 3 black river the program with tower machine and different cable crane.
Big bridge of river of black of 2.1 Fu hill is perpendicular the level carries plan
Big bridge of river of Fu hill black is the first of 3 black Jiang Daqiao, also be 3 bridges in most first a of lay a railway track, time limit for a project is very pressing. As a result of bluff of two side cliff! Direct cable two end join the ground on rock is anchorage, can regard crane as mast, when be being saved already handy, fact of erect cable crane has heavy kind for optimal.
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