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The analysis of electric breakdown of crane of pedrail of Hai Hong QUY50 and eli

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The author is in the process that debugs crane of crawler of a QUY50, discover whole vehicle has report but ammeter indicates discharge. Because be new car, the possibility that analyses electric circuit breakdown is not large, judging afore-mentioned phenomena is by charge of the department do not charge breakdown causes. This car dynamo uses the 18 A of / of JF2511 Y28 V that total factory of Shanghai car electrical appliance produces alternator, to it the voltage regulator that form a complete set uses is adjuster of type of only course of · FT221 odd couplet (embedded cut sheds relay) .

Graph the 1 part that is QUY50 crawler crane is electric principle graph. When engine is started, receive a mains switch S, press A of the pushbutton that start, cut shedding relay has electric current to pass in Q1 of the coil that start, the magnetic field of generation sheds cut relay contact K1 is sucked, make its close. As engine start, dynamo voltage rises, neutral site voltage action is maintaining coil Q to go up, because coil Ql and coil Q are medium voltaic direction is consistent, magnetic field increases, after engine is started, loose open moves pushbutton A, maintain coil Q2 to make sure contact K1 closes. Right now, accumulator offers magnetizing current to the dynamo through contact Kl. Those who follow a dynamo rotate speed rise, when output voltage achieves limitation to be worth, the magnetic field enough that coil Ll produces overcomes the pulling force of bedspring, contact K2 is sucked namely. Established ties in excitation circuit resistor R1 and R2, magnetizing current is reduced, dynamo voltage drops, the electric current in coil horse is reduced accordingly, attraction is abate. When insuperable bedspring is tensile, contact closes afresh again, output voltage lifts once more. Relapse so, made sure dynamo voltage is inside limitation value thereby. Additional, coil L. For demagnetization coil, joint action of it and diode D, absorb from feeling electromotive force in order to protect contact K2 not by ablation.

Classics examination, the degree of tightness of alternator drive leather belt is spent appropriate, the join thrum of each lead does not have apparent pine to take off, because this is preliminary,judgement trouble spot is mixed in the alternator voltage regulator two yuan on parts of an apparatus. Dismantle the wire on column of next dynamo armature wiring, make alternator armature and come away of accumulator power source, in dynamo armature wiring column and those who build iron to contain down-lead only secondhand is small try the light (rated voltage 24V) , make engine runs with inferior rotate speed next, the result tries the lamp not to shine, explain the dynamo did not generate electricity, confirm dynamo or excitation circuit have trouble. Will tear open the lead below to be received afresh next on column of dynamo armature wiring, with a fine copper column of wiring of armature of filar general alternator and column of magnetic field wiring make instantaneous weak point receive, offer magnetizing current to the dynamo, hair is short now as a result present instant, ammeter directive charges, showing a dynamo is good, because of doing not have magnetizing current cannot generate electricity. Reoccupy avometer (dc 5OV archives) measure so that voltage of column of wiring of alternator magnetic field is OV, explain voltage regulator is outputted without excitation voltage. Make engine jockeys next, disconnect the lead on column of wiring of alternator magnetic field, with avometer (RXI archives) the column of magnetic field wiring that expresses a pen to receive an alternator, another watch pen takes iron, measure so that resistance is 20Q, it is normal to explain alternator magnetic field circles block. Confirm from this, afore-mentioned breakdown are voltage regulator be caused by. After exchange voltage regulator new trial run, ammeter directive charges, work engine in middling speed condition, measure so that the midpoint voltage of the alternator is 14.5V with avometer, armature end outputs voltage 28.5 V, trouble removal.
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