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China is stroked dig steel of 500T crane excel in to solder the test is successf

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500T crawler crane serves as a new product, its metal structural member is on the choice of raw material, main body chose the seamless steel tube of the plank of 80KG class and 90KG class. Be aimed at above circumstance, combinative production is actual, with mechanical science academy Harbin solders the institute is mixed to plank together tubal material undertook relevant craft sex experiments the job.
Solder the research of craft experiments around 30 ㎜ board thick spread out, made soldering heating up the temperature between input and solder path to be opposite solder respectively contact is mechanical the influence of function. Solder to make handlers can faster, more effective acceptance and the craft condition that get used to an experiment, make sure manufacturing quality is mixed improve manufacturing efficiency, everything is a foundation actually with production, combinative rolled steel and solder the characteristic basis experience of material made 3 groups solder hot input, undertake soldering below the requirement with other experiment uniform requirement. The test of the tenacity of the test dragging a stick that frit apply metal has respectively later and welding line area and HAZ. Single out a group according to test result most accord with a requirement solder hot input. Heat up an input to be calm value with should soldering next, undertake the temperature between solder path is opposite differring solder contact is mechanical the test of the influence of function. The difficult easy rate that in combining production, achieves singles out a group of best integrated parameter.
Above all, on the choice of welding wire, because country is right,the research development work of welding wire is in phase of start of a race, so we chose foreign welding wire. It is certain to no matter be,have on function or stability so assure. Tubal material kind solder craft difficulty wants prep above plank kind solder, as identical as plank experiment, the canal also had similar test, but because be restricted thickly by tube wall, did not undertake Xiaotie grinds experiment. Solder the first problem of the process uses what kind of gimmick to undertake soldering namely, my factory provides material before kind solder all the time armrest is moved " climb slope " solder, the operation rises no-go, weld zone connect is more, affect the quality of welding line. For the influence of abate and factitious element to welding line quality, adoption stepless changes automatically a machine rotate automatically what realized pipe. Rotate automatically what rely on to hold welding torch and pipe the soldering of implementation is taller to the requirement of handlers, need passes the exercise ability of period of time to master adroitly. The 2nd problem is the question that steel tube and line ring coaxial spend. Because my unit uses tubal norms to have a lot of kinds, to get used to different wall of thick steel tube solder use solder differently standard, the wall is large input of small heat tubal material is small, solder road is narrow and fine, when render solder, spend as a result of line ring and coaxial of steel tube wall bad, so clearance a little large part has cave, the bossed phenomenon with little space, even if is the rate that adjusts different position to solder, of the welding line inside groove shape the situation still is not very good, so the treatment precision of line ring and the assembly with tubal wall problem or a notable problem, the narrow tagger that waits for ply can be used to have fixed position to line ring when assembling, undertake riveting solder next, when soldering again iron piece the kind that elicit. Additional, the render solder of steel tube is very important process, must want frit to appear, but when because provide the space of the 4 ㎜ of the butt joint,using small standard to solder, the molten iron with little normative fused place can't whole solder all frit is appeared, and implementation bottom double line solders clearance passes again narrow, be in so render solder when proper tone small electric current rises solder speed in order to make solder narrow attenuate, want to adjust the angle of welding torch at the same time, unit process of cargo bandling is controlled not easily, implementation rises have certain difficulty, taller to operating a worker to ask. If assemble clearance can because tube wall is large and make proper adjustment, meeting substantially reduce soldering difficulty, and implement automation easily.
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