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Safe case: Does persuade Qian shank ⒉ of Jie cut down merchant deer of Dang o

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1. accident process is summarized

2004, when crane of a LTMl170 truck mounted is holding discharging thing, because foot peg was not secured and horizontal foot reachs an in part only, driver from rear trice goods, to side direction circumgyrate when, crane side breaks up, cause crane arm to be injured badly.

2. accident case study

Classics spot reconnaissance and measure be informed: ⑽ of Lue of Piao of Chuo of  of sandpiper Tao  enters busy of You of た of   mildew mu 5  of Qi Jun of Tuan ㄆ sandpiper the pen shelters breed of は of ┕ of banter of take along sth to sb > half leg was called only when personnel of operation of? of bend so as to breakstubborn of the  that suckle Qiong is calling foot and not fixed. The primary function list that used crane issues without completely outstretched circumstance in foot, weigh in condole from rear circumgyrate arrives when side direction, exceed crane as a result of actual load moment " rated load moment " (fall without completely outstretched circumstance in foot, actual " rated load moment " the rated load moment in be less than primary function to express) cause crane side to break up, crane arm is damaged.

The lesson that 3. accident Ying Ji takes

This is to be in together foot unfinished presses the automobile crane that removes heavy performance list to undertake aing string of 1 weighing operating causing formerly below completely outstretched circumstance overweighted and tipping accident. From inside the accident Ying Ji takes the following lesson:

(The function curve of crane of 1) truck mounted is what extend condition to fall completely in foot is rated have heavy capacity. In foot unfinished completely outstretched circumstance falls, its remove heavy ability to be less than the indicative numerical value on function curve. Accordingly, when undertaking having re-act job, must foot all and outstretched, pedestal dish should firm ground join is on foot, foot should crane of reliable ground bearing.

(The operation personnel of 2) crane should be strict operate according to operating rules. When the requirement that sets in yard place short of, should act on " safety first " principle, harmonious, improvement and creation condition, make crane can move below the working requirement that regulations allows, and cannot by subjective, by experience or magisterial volition, change of ground of assume sth as a matter of course operates essentials, operation of violate the rules and regulations.

4. is disobeyed why to plant the concerned clause of standard, regulation, regulations

Because violate following provisions,skill reason is and cause:

(1) " level of state of People's Republic of China -- lifting appliance safe practice " (of GB6067-85)

When drivers are operated, should abide by undermentioned requirement: H. Mobile crane, the requirement level off that the manual should press before the job stops airport ground, firm and reliable ground calls good foot.
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