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Stability of exercise of movable type crane is calculated

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A heavy function of movable type crane be by its the carrying capacity of the orgnaization and stability are decided, and its exercise stability is by its centre of gravity decides oneself and weight centre of gravity and the weight that deserve to weigh, because want to take care of its shift property, oneself weight gets very big limitation. The exercise stability of crane of accurate computational movable type, decide critical load, to reasonable and affirmatory overall improve its work performance weight, total position, effectively, having crucial effect.

One, of computational model build
Foot bearing can be used when movable type crane works or use tire bearing. When using tire bearing, pensile system should be in rigid condition, but as a result of tire be out of shape, frame meets those who produce certain level tilt, working extent can increase, when computational stability, should consider this one factor, besides, both do not have different, accordingly, it is with foot bearing only below exemple build a model, see a picture

Among them: R -- working extent, independent variable serves as in computational process
G -- centre of gravity getting on a car is changeless partial weight
G -- the weight of chassis
BB -- of foot span
G -- condole arm is self-prossessed
L -- condole arm is apart from to centre of turning circle from heavy heart, to adjustable model condole arm, this value changes along with condole arm length and change
α -- condole arm angle of elevation
G -- weight of luffing oil cylinder
L -- centre of gravity of luffing oil cylinder is apart from to centre of turning circle
β -- luffing crock angle of elevation
A -- dot of the bore with a reamer after condole arm is apart from to centre of turning circle
B -- dot of the bore with a reamer below luffing crock is apart from to centre of turning circle
C -- the height that the bore with a reamer below dot of the bore with a reamer after condole arm and luffing crock nods is poor

2, attrib border condition:
 M-M ≥ 0
Among them:  M is overall and self-prossessed the steady moment of force to bend flange
M is opposite to have heavy load of bend flange tipping pitching moment
When  M-M = 0 when, crane is in stable critical condition, right now lifting capacity Q is critical lifting capacity. When undertaking crane stability is calculated, the load coefficient of lifting capacity Q is:
K = 1 . 25 + 0. Q of 1 N /
Among them: N is jib self-prossessed the weight that to the arm end and dot of jib bore with a reamer press convert of principle of static force equivalent to be carried to the arm.
N = (L + A) G / (R + A)
Q is lifting capacity

3, those who have heavy property is affirmatory
By the lifting capacity that stability decides:
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