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QUY80 crawler crane walks drive wheel is sealed type technical reformation

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QUY80Crawler crane walks drive wheel is sealed type technical reformation One smelt metal mechanization of Chinese uses crane of crawler of workpoint company QUY80, after investment uses 10 years, appear stage by stage an appearance that takes drive wheel to be in leakage gear oil, change every time weather strip is met before long again leakage, drain gear oil already, increase maintenance cost to affect appearance of car of appearance of vehicle again. Via technical personnel anatomize, of this and QUY80 crawler crane walk sealed type concerns drive wheel. If the assembly drawing of former drive wheel pursues 1, drive wheel and drive axle are spline coupling, spline cooperates to have the effect of join drive already here, also have effect of sealed, fixed position. Of both sides of former drive wheel sealed it is a pair of float seal annulus, fixed position of an annulus that float seals annulus and its O group is in the annulus chamfer of drive wheel, in the annulus chamfer that fixed position of another annulus and its O group covers in bearing. Use head a few years, the fixed position that spline cooperates is more close together, what float seals annulus is sealed very reliable also. After using a few years, because design the spline when making the problem such as precision of deputy material, heat treatment, treatment, the spline in using pays a peristalsis to wear away, spline cooperates to become more loose free from worries, right now the float in the annulus chamfer of drive wheel both sides seals annulus fixed position to produce change, the float in the annulus chamfer that bearing covers seals annulus fixed position is fixed still and reliable, round of Song Kuang that because spline cooperates,medium float seals annulus criterion and beat together as drive wheel or swing, be being sealed because of two float is planar and sealed between annulus, one fault moves radial, close with respect to what destroyed primary sealed line, cause leakage oily appearance thereby; Of axial swing to also can cause balata spring beforehand the change of pressure, severe case also can leak oily. Accordingly, causing a prime cause that takes drive wheel to be in leakage gear oil is spline cooperates Song Kuang deputily, the fixed position of drive wheel appears deviation, just cause float to seal the sealed invalidation of annulus. To solve leakage oily phenomenon thoroughly, be aimed at breakdown reason, company technology personnel undertakes the technology innovates, did to drive wheel structure transform, if pursue 2. Former spline deputy the effect that has join drive to have fixed position again already, the spline after altering deputy the effect that has join drive only, fixed position function is lain between by two cover (graph 2 in 5 and 8) in drive wheel two shoulders issue reliable ground to hold in the arms come up in drive wheel axis implementation. Such, although use in spline deputy how to wear away again serious, countershaft of drive wheel photograph still locates reliable. Will set in drive wheel and axis so additionally the float between seals annulus sealed instead is set in lie between cover and axis the framework oil seal between is sealed type, after such altering, sealed place is treatment or installation without giving thought to simpler. After altering, drive wheel fixed position is reliable, rely on spline deputy fixed position no longer, radial load is full by two lie between set pass to the axis directly, spline delivers torque only, already tatty spline deputy operating mode improves somewhat, service life gets extension. The oil seal after altering is set in lie between cover and axis between, no matter this walks,the orgnaization uses fixed number of year how long, theoretic beat without radial almost, those who made sure framework oil seal is sealed is reliable. The course is transformed, use result is favorable, effected a radical cure drive wheel handles the issue of leakage gear oil.
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