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Component of hydraulic pressure system installs a point

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In system of project machine hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure component is the main component that the energy that finish delivers. When installation, must treat seriously.

Tubing of 1. hydraulic pressure

(1) reachs use circumstance to choose vitta according to pressure, vitta must have enough strength, wall Ying Guang is slippery, clean, without sand, without rust, without oxidation skin, to the pipe of long-term keep in storage, pickling answers before treatment, clean thoroughly, erode, undertake checking.

(2) is used curium when cutting off pipe, of section and axes direction not verticality should be ± 0.5 ° , the beard side acute pours blunt cleared scrap, the ovality that its section allows when treatment curves a canal is 10% . Can use hand and common tool bent housing when <14mm of its external diameter, announce of thicker steel tube is moved with the hand or the pipe bender bent housing of motor-driven, bent housing radius should compare pipe external diameter commonly 3 times bigger.

(Requirement of 3) installation pipeline is, circuit is the shortest, turn to want as far as possible little, the top part of pipeline should set exhaust, so that start when deflate.

(When 4) installs balata to be in charge of, should avoid make a radical change, ≥ of R of its radius of bend (9~l0)D(D is) of tube external diameter. Standing by contact root ministry to fold a turn, requirement tube connect is apart from L ≥ 6D to what begin sinuosity. When tube works, should not turn round.

(Canal of 5) oil absorption is not gotten flat, also do not answer resistance is too great, produce cavitation erosion into gas or oil absorption difficulty in case.

(6) answers vitta mouth to must extend gasoline tank oil the face is the following, prevent to splatter generation bleb. A vitta of overflow a powerful person cannot connect with the entrance of pump directly, must carry gasoline tank, otherwise oil is lukewarm will exorbitant.

(Program of installation of 7) all pipeline is divided second undertake, undertake trial assembly matchs first, be in pipe fittings and flange spot welding appropriate locally, after all pipeline trial assembly is eligible, tear open come down to undertake pickling hind is installed again formally.

Component of 2. other hydraulic pressure

(Component of 1) all hydraulic pressure should have pressure and sealed test, eligible and rear can install. Desired result should have all sorts of automata appearance before installation, lest error.

(When 2) installs all sorts of control valve, should notice its take oily mouth and the position of the mouth that answer oil. Install valve with flange kind when bolt cannot be twisted too closely, can cause too closely instead sometimes sealed and undesirable.

(3) installs hydraulic pressure crock to answer firm and reliable, affect to prevent heat to expand, mix greatly when the journey when temperature is high, the one aspect of the matter of the crock must maintain float. The sealing ring of hydraulic pressure crock does not want too close, especially U form circle, lest resistance is too great.
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